Earn 40% More as a Novus MedPlan Agent 

Novus Medical Group, Inc. has developed comprehensive health plans that can help
you generate additional 
revenue for your business, and our nationwide provider network
is the largest, offering products and services to fit everyone’s needs! 

Novus MedPlan’s health plans can be sold as a stand-alone discount product or as
a supplement to existing insurance plans.  We know that the "Affordable Care Act"
has depleted your revenue stream, but we think that we can help each other.

Plans are affordable and immediate with no waiting periods, limitations, deductibles 
or claim forms.

Agent benefits

  • Attractive commission plans always 25%
  • No licensing requirement at all
  • Sell to individuals and groups of any size
  • Let Novus MedPlan take care of customer requests
  • Patients can enroll online so you can sell without lengthy customer appointments
  • Become an agent instantly by clicking on the icon on the left

To sell the Novus MedPlan you must be an agent appointed by Novus MedPlan.
To expedite the appointment process, contact your Novus MedPlan sales representative
at (855)228-7355 for more information, or fill out the form on the icon to the left.

Novus MedPlan healthcare plans provide access to discounts on a variety of health care
products and services with 23 million potential customers nationwide. 

Novus MedPlan health plan are affordable and easy to sell, members pay a nominal
monthly fee for access to over 100+ providers, servicing 10,000 zip,codes and over 
1,000 products and services.


  Medical Marijuana          Cannabis/Hemp/ CBD

  Alternative/ Holistic       Integrative Medicine

  Dental                              Vision

  Prescription                    Doctor's appointments and more





Any Investor Question Please Call Hayden IR 917-658-7878

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