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Partner with Novus MedPlan and start earning money immediately!

The Novus MedPlan Affiliate Program allows digital marketers to earn revenue when a user completes a lead generation on our website. When your performance improves and lead volume grows, your revenue increases. The more you produce the more we pay you, unlimited potential.


**Note** This is a new market with 23 million qualified members.


We offer the most competitive payout on the web, our performance incentives let you increase revenue as you generate leads. You generate traffic to our website and you will receive money for that qualified lead. Additionally, if you generate the lead and the prospect converts, then you as an affiliate will receive a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) payout for as long as the member is active.

  • Affiliate Earnings 
    Total Payout Potential Conversion Pay Out Potential Total Monthly
    Qualified Lead Earnings PMPM Earnings Earnings
    1-49 $5.00 $245.00 1-25 $3.00 $75.00 $320.00
    50 -74 $6.00 $444.00 26-50 $4.00 $200.00 $644.00
    75-99 $7.00 $693.00 51-75 $5.00 $375.00 $1,068.00
    100- 150 $8.00 $1,200.00 76-100 Negotiable


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