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With the recent uptick in states that are legalizing marijuana, there are a lot of questions about what the best way to use cannabis is and how you can get it yourself. If you are new to marijuana, seeking it for the high or for chronic pain management, you may not be familiar with cannabis wax. READ MORE >>

Cannabis is coming out of the shadows and emerging as a potent natural healer. For those not keen on the hallucinogenic effects of the plant, CBD oil offers a safe alternative. But if you are fighting chronic pain, which option is better? In this post, we will investigate that question. READ MORE >>

Should Cannabis Be Used as a Sleep Aid?  READ MORE >>

Without meaning to sound uncouth, being a pet owner is, to some degree, the same as being a parent. We all want to provide the animals we love with the best possible care and shower them with love and attention.  READ MORE >>

Simple Techniques to Fight Off Stress During the Holidays By: Embley Viola    Do you find yourself being short tempered throughout the month of December? READ MORE >>

Cannabis and Diabetes: What Does the Science Say? Pharmacists and biochemists have been busy finding ways to help people coping with many severe illnesses through cannabis-based products. Diabetes is one of them, as it tops metabolic diseases. READ MORE >>

Potential culprit found in vaping-related lung injuries and deaths CDC describes “breakthrough” in finding vitamin E acetate in lung fluids of patients Washington Post November 8, 2019 By Lena H. Sun READ MORE >>

  Suffering from hair loss? Need a hair transplant? Why not use something which makes your hair grow more easily? Yes, you read it right! Consuming marijuana several times a week makes the hair grow a lot faster. READ MORE >>

          It seems like you see the letters CBD everywhere today. You almost forget that not long ago, CBD products weren’t legal in America. READ MORE >>

Hemp Oil Uses: The Complete Guide We live in a society that is constantly reaching for the next level of peak health and appearance, using only naturally effective methods.  No pressure, right?  Despite this never-ending climb, one little plant is paving the way for people to reach their health and wellness goals: hemp. READ MORE >>

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