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With the recent uptick in states that are legalizing marijuana, there are a lot of questions about what the best way to use cannabis is and how you can get it yourself. If you are new to marijuana, seeking it for the high or for chronic pain management, you may not be familiar with cannabis wax. READ MORE >>

Should Cannabis Be Used as a Sleep Aid?  READ MORE >>

Cannabis and Diabetes: What Does the Science Say? Pharmacists and biochemists have been busy finding ways to help people coping with many severe illnesses through cannabis-based products. Diabetes is one of them, as it tops metabolic diseases. READ MORE >>

    If you've come across this article then either you're suffering from sciatica or someone you care about is enduring the pain. Sciatica is a very concerning condition in which one feels mild to mind-numbing pain in the sciatic nerve which extends from one's lower back to one's feet. READ MORE >>

  If you live in a state where medical marijuana use has been legalized (33 states and DC as of 2019), And you’re wondering why health insurance won’t pay for medical marijuana even in states where its use has been legalized. READ MORE >>

    The use of medical marijuana to cure conditions that can’t be cured through other treatments is on the rise despite the seemingly limited amount of research that has gone into the use and side effects of it. This growing interest and administration can be attributed to the wide-scale legalization that medical marijuana has seen across the globe. READ MORE >>

    Arthritis is a disease in which people feel severe and chronic pain in their joints, and it is among some of the most common disabilities that are experienced by senior citizens all over the world. Most people use pharmaceutical drugs and prescription pain killers to numb the pain, but they are only a temporary solution and have a lot of side effects. READ MORE >>

  A huge discovery was made in 1992 that has had a ripple effect on the way we look at plants and alternative remedies. Until cannabis was first (seriously) studied 50 years ago, we didn’t know about this vital system in the body. Amusingly, this means all of the terms surrounding this system are derived from the word “cannabis. READ MORE >>

Why You Shouldn’t Use Hemp Vape Oil Sublingually We’re often asked, “can I put hemp vape oil under my tongue?” We’re here to say you probably don’t want to. Perhaps you ordered the wrong product or no longer wish to use a vaporizer. READ MORE >>

CBD & International Laws Article By: Leonel Hilliard CBD Laws There’s a growing demand for CBD around the world, especially as research uncovering its massive range of medical benefits continues to grow. However, CBD International Laws can get confusing. READ MORE >>

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