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  Reactions to hemp’s unique flavor can vary for first-time users; some find it shockingly unpleasant while others love it. Don’t let yourself be surprised or discouraged.   Different Flavors for Different Brands When you swap between different brands of hemp oil, don’t expect the flavor to be the same! READ MORE >>

Hemp never ceases to amaze us with its versatility and ability to solve many of the earth’s problems. One such problem has affected many farmers in a region of Italy. Let’s take a journey to Taranto, Italy. This gorgeous region faces the Ionian Sea and is known for its three natural peninsulas. READ MORE >>

    We want to be healthy and maintain the planet, but what typically trumps that desire is our greed (and sometimes need) for cheaper products. Soon we might have the best of both worlds. As people are becoming more educated on cannabis, laws are starting to relax. READ MORE >>

  Should Hemp be Certified Organic?     This article first appeared on   The organic certification of hemp has been a confusing and sometimes controversial topic. Certification of hemp is relatively new in the United States and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has changed their stance on hemp certification many times. READ MORE >>

Healthy Hemp Pudding Recipe in How To Bring donuts to work and suddenly your co-workers will like you a little more. Bring hemp oil pudding to work, and what do you get? A little confusion…but at least they’re snacking healthy. READ MORE >>

  What is Hemp Used For? [And is it Legal?] in Understanding Hemp Hemp has been a hot topic in the news as of late. Many people are ready to just push it aside because of it’s relative plants, but with global warming becoming a widely known fact ... READ MORE >>

Three Easy Superfood Smoothies To Get Your Daily Dose Of Hemp Oil This Article first appeared on A new way to take your CBD… Smoothies are a great way to start your day off on the right foot. These recipes are packed with clean, healthy ingredients as well as some of our favorite superfoods. READ MORE >>

10 Top Health & Wellness Trends this 2019   This articlefirst appeared on MadebyHemp.   This year has been a year when most of the world focused on health and wellness in a more holistic manner: both physical and mental wellness. READ MORE >>

The Food and Drug Administration issued 16 letters last month to sellers of CBD and their dubious claims over its terrific medicinal properties. We are here to let our members and the public know that not all cannabidiol, or CBD oil, are created equal; as a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. READ MORE >>

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