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The Novus MedPlan Affiliate Program allows digital marketers to earn revenue 

when a user converts. Then that Affiliate will get paid 25% for that conversion 
every month from Novus as long as that patient/member is up to date on their
premium payments.

        **Note** This is a new market with 23 million qualified members. 


Earn more when you join Novus MedPlan affiliate program

We offer the most competitive payout on the web, our performance incentives 

let you increase revenue. There is no need to be a licensed agent, you get paid to
 generate traffic to our 
website and you will receive money for that conversion. 

All digital ads are pre-made for you and when you join you will access to all
digital ads in many different sizes. Join Now! Its free and you can get started 

  • * Non paying members are not qualified leads but you still own that member once they 

    convert and if there is an agent assisted conversion you will have to split your referral fee


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