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Here you will lean who Novus is and answer most of your questions, after reviews this page if you still have any questions with click on the button to the left or click here to send us an email.

Who is Novus? 

Novus Cannabis MedPlan is a supplemental plan combined with discount medical plan that focuses on filling gaps where traditional insurance plans fail to deliver. At Novus we we designed our benefit packages around two types of medical cannabis THC (the psychoactive competent in states where its legalized) and CBD (non-psychoactive competent available nationwide),also, dental vision, hearing, telemedicine and more.

How Does It Work?

Watch this short 3 minute video how Novus works. 


Can Agents Sell This Plan Outside Of My Resident State?

The selling process of outside of your state is quite tricky, rather than closing it yourself, have a Novus Rep in the respective state help you close it and you get credit for the commission given to you in the form of a referal. And yes, as long as the patient member keeps paying their monthly premium you will still get your commission.  

Do I need A Face To Face To Close Clients?

No most of our leads are people that have already decided to join they need questions answered. Most cases it will take less than 20 minutes to speak, answer question and enroll patient members 

Does Novus Provide Leads?  

Absolutely, we are marketing and getting leads daily and we will be glad to give them to you at no cost. However we do expect you to provide your own leads as well.  

Are There Background Checks?

Yes we do, we have to, our background check is only based on your state of residence licensing review only. 

Is Cananbis Legal In Every State?

No. For THC  the psychoactive competent is in states where its legalized, CBD, industrialized hemp, the male form of the cannabis plant, non-psychoactive competent is available nationwide. 

Do I Need To Have Novus Register With My State Of Residence?

Yes, most states require it, states want to know who is representing Novus therefore we need to register with the states of residence and non residence state that you are approved in, Novus will cover the cost. 

Signing Up Is Easy AS 1...2...3...

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Step 3 Get Trained

1. We have on-boarding training every Thursday  at 4:00 pm (central). Click Here To Get your invitation/reminder 

2.  Continual training session every Wednesday at 11:00 am (central) this way you can be up to date with the latest trends and regulatory issues.Click Here  To Get you invitation/reminder                


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