As Seen On Dateline NBC "Charlotte's Web"

Novus has teamed up with Realm of Caring along with CW Botanicals Hemp Oil products 
that follows the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices as well as putting in place 
the quality control systems necessary to provide the highest quality hemp products available 
on the market. We are proud to say our laboratory is an FDA registered production facility, 
licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and regulated by the Colorado .

Department of Public Health and Environment. When producing our Charlotte’s Web™ 
dietary supplements, we follow the guidance of the American Herbal Products Association 
(AHPA) for our quality standards, which exceed the dietary supplement quality requirements 
set forth by the FDA.  No CW Botanicals product is released that does not meet these stringent 
AHPA quality standards that govern microbial content, residual solvents, heavy metal content 
and potency.Please take a moment to visit our updated quality page to learn more about our 
quality standards, the AHPA’s guidelines and our commitment to providing hemp products 
whose quality is second to none: Please direct any additional 
questions pertaining to product quality to:

The chart below shows the minimum savings being apart of the MedPlan. Just by spending 
a minimum of $150 per month, then this health plan is for you. Not to mention the savings 
from other product and services in your benefits package.

Charlotte's Web
Product Novus Savings Avg Savings Total Savings Total Savings
Description Per Month Per Member Per Month Per Year
1500mg $150 30% $45.00 $540.00
5000mg $499 64% $319.36 $3,832.32

                   You have to register with Novus and The Realm Of Caring To qualify for the 64%
                               Apply For Charlottes Web Discount Here: Access Application Here



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