Earn Income With The Novus Rx Card

Augment your income by becoming a Novus Rx Card Affiliate, you are joining one of the most important American business segments, the health and pharmaceutical industry. With over 4 billion prescriptions being filled every year, there is a vital need and demand for affordable prescriptions.

Digital Card: By disseminating the FREE digital Novus Rx Card to your family, friends and co-workers, they can take advantage of these savings every time they have a prescription filled. And, for every prescription that is filled you could be making $0.50 to $1.30 per transaction.

Print Card: Or you can pass out card displays  in the places you frequent, like doctors’ offices, convenience stores, gas stations, health clubs, church offices, dry cleaners, local restaurants, etc. to expand your business. Every time the Card is used, you make money. If you need cards just fill email us by Clicking Here

Commission Tracking: Track your commissions is done by Clicking Here



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