What is Novus?
Novus MedPlan
 is the nation’s first health plan that focuses on
 reducing your cost associated with legal marijuana meds, up to 65%. Many people across this country are benefiting from legal cannabis that can ease suffering and live happy healthy lives. What is more important than your health and well being? 

How Does Novus Work?
Its simple, this health plan supplements your existing medical 
insurance policies, you have no copay's no lengthy paper work, no deductibles, and everyone can
use the Novus MedPlan network.

We Are Nationwide
In select states get
cannabis meds containing THC
from our many Providers within your area and 
nationwide, CBD
( less than 1% THC) can be delivered to your home in states that
are permitting. If you spend $150 or more per month on your
marijuana meds then you can experience the savings between
$750-$1000 per year.
Only $24.95 per month. Act Now!

 Not Insured? Under insured? No problem, Novus MedPlan has something 
                                                  for everyone


Novus MedPlan Comparison Chart  
          Below click on any benefit link,
to calculate your savings

                                                                                                                    A $6.95 one time processing fee will be added to your order
                                                                                              Void where prohibited 

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