Novus Cannabis MedPlan Saves You Money


If you spend more than $150 per month on 

cannabis meds then this is the plan for you!

As health insurance company, every program Novus Cannabis MedPlan offers is of the highest quality available in the industry for you.

Plans start from $24.95 per month, Novus MedPlan is the nation’s first health plan that focuses on reducing the cost of integrative medicine such as Medical Cannabis (Marijuana), CBD (Cannabidiol), Hemp, and other alternative and holistic products. This revolutionary service supplements existing medical insurance policies, filling the gaps where traditional policies do not provide coverage. Unlike most health insurance, you have no copays, no lengthy paperwork, no deductibles, and everyone is approved in the Novus Cannabis MedPlan network.  

How it Works
Think about how much you spend per year on meds, joining Novus Cannabis MedPlan gives you tremendous savings, a minimum of $1,000 per year to start. Our Cannabis Provider Network covers 20,000 zip codes, supplement your health plan with even further savings of 40% or more from your total cannabis med purchases.  Click the button on the left "Compare Plans" and begin to save on your healthcare cost.

Not Insured? Under insured? No problem, Novus Cannabis MedPlan has something for you.

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