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Current Benefits   New Add-on Benefits
Cannabis THC Alternative Care 
Cannabis CBD  Caregiver  Support
Prescriptions  Chiropractic 
 Dental Vision Psychological 
Lasik  Long Term Elderly Care 
Hearing MRI & CT Scans 
Diabetic Weight Loss 
Lab Services Telemedicne 
Imaging Durable Medical Equipment 
Vitamins Health Advocacy 


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New Benefits

Alternative Care

Over 37% of adults have used some form of alternative medicine. Members save 10% to 30% on health and wellness needs with over 40 specialties and 43,000 practitioners nationwide. Whether they need to reduce stress, relieve migraines or quit smoking, alternative medicine can help.

Caregiver Support

Americans spend $50 billion per year on back pain relief. Your members save 30% to 50% on X-rays, diagnostic services and treatments at over 3,000 chiropractors nationwide. Members get relief from back and joint pain, headaches and more with no limit


Americans spend $50 billion per year on back pain relief. Your members save 30% to 50% on X-rays, diagnostic services and treatments at over 3,000 chiropractors nationwide. Members get relief from back and joint pain, headaches and more with no limit


51% of employees say they are less productive at work as a result of stress. Give your members access to experienced counselors who help solve personal problems 24/7. Members can discuss everything from depression, anxiety and stress, to struggles with family, work and substance abuse.

Long Term Elderly Care

The demand for eldercare services is unprecedented as 43.5 million adults care for an elderly family member. Give your members peace of mind with access to specialists who identify eldercare needs, evaluate options, put solutions in place and provide the ongoing support needed to maintain independence and quality of life. Online resources and advice over the phone help your members plan and manage decisions that arise as their loved ones age.

MRI & CT Scans

A better image leads to a better diagnosis, better treatment and a better recovery. Members save 40% to 75% on usual charges for MRI and CT Scans at thousands of credentialed radiology centers nationwide. Members are referred to a certified radiologist based on condition, preferences and location.


Your members have access to a team of medical professionals by email or smartphone app. Doctors Online gives members a trustworthy place to get their healthcare questions answered through a secure website. It’s the fast, easy way for members to get health information from a resource they can trust.

Durable Medical Products

Supplies are shipped directly to their home, and they will save 20% to 50% and an additional $5 on orders over $100. Members save on walking aids, wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, bathroom safety, orthopedic products and more.

Health Advocacy

Health Advocates help members navigate through insurance and healthcare systems. Health Advocate Solutions includes:

  • Untangle medical bills and insurance claims

  • Clarify benefits and answer questions about tests, treatments and medication options

  • Coordinate care among multiple providers

  • Assist with eldercare and related healthcare issues

  • Arrange second opinions and transfer medical records


Current Benefits

Cannabis THC Plans ( Only in states where legal)

The term medical marijuana refers to using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat a disease or symptom. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as medicine.

However, scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. Continued research may lead to more medications.

Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illnesses or symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes. In fact, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Read more about marijuana-related state laws at www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp/state-laws-related-to-marijuana. Currently, the two main cannabinoids from the marijuana plant that are of medical interest are THC and CBD.


Cannabis CBD Plans ( Only in states where legal, however anything less than 1% THC is legal nationwide)


What is hemp, and how is it different from marijuana’s  psychoactive form of cannabis  that we others have consumed?  Let’s put this myth to rest, “Hemp does not contain psychoactive elements, those same element that get you high (less than 1% THC) varieties of Both hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species, but are genetically distinct and are further distinguished by use, chemical makeup, and cultivation methods. What are the medicinal properties of Hemp, this can be a reference, https://healthyhempoil.com/cannabidiol/ but we lay to claim to any unstudied conclusions.

 However the medical portray of CBD which is the key ingredient.  There are over 60 compounds of CBD.  Cannabis growing techniques have managed to create varieties with high levels of CBD and next to zero levels of THC (again the psychoactive element). Although CBD and THC act on  different pathways of the body, they seem to have many of the same medical benefits. According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found CBD to possess the many beneficial medical properties.




The largest dental networks nationally with  a focus on neighborhood dentists. The network combines the outstanding network management skills of two great organizations and results in discounts of 5% to 60% below the 80th percentile of Reasonable and Customary charges.

Vision (Glaucoma Focused)

Novus through it partnerships is affiliated with the nation's largest eye care provider to help members save 15% to 35% off eye exams and eye glasses. Members will pay no more than the maximum amount shown based on their regional fee schedule. Depending on the doctor's location, the maximum costs and 

savings will vary.  With over 50,000 participating points of care in retail and medical locations, participating providers will look for more than just vision problems. Preferred providers can detect signs of serious health conditions like glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 




Available brand name drugs at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including Safeway, CVS, Duane Reade, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid.  Members have access to an interactive website that allows users to locate the nearest participating pharmacy and accurately check the current costs of drugs.  By utilizing this powerful tool, members can make educated cost-saving decisions.




Highest quality diabetic supplies at vastly reduced prices disbursed through a highly sophisticated distribution channel. Novus is dedicated to offering the finest quality FDA-approved and CMS-approved medical products channeled through a highly efficient and effective delivery system. Additionally, Novus offers diabetes prevention/intervention by promoting healthy lifestyle changes to reduce and prevent diabetes.GTH offers all-inclusive wholesale pricing to members with no shipping or handling fees, priority mailing on all products, the world’s most advanced diabetic testing meter, and much more.



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