Paying Too Much On Your Health Coverage?

Novus MedPlan is designed to lower the cost of you health plan packages.

If you spend $150 or more per month on your 
cannabis meds, then, you can expect savings 

of $1,000 per year or more. 

Novus MedPlan is the first nationwide supplemental 
medical marijuana health plan that includes dental vision, hearing and more. No copay's, no deductibles, no long term contracts, and immediate approval in the Novus MedPlan network. 


Just want to stay healthy or have pre-existing condition, No Problem. If you are suffering from any ailment listed below, then join the millions of people getting relief from Medical Marijuana. It's safe and reliable.

*Chronic Pain *Chemo/Cancer *Glaucoma
*HIV/AIDS *PTSD *Head Trauma
*Anxiety *Depression *Migraines
*Fibromyalgia * Alzheimer's *Hep C
*Diabetes  *Osteoporosis *ALS
*Hypertension  *Sleep Disorder   *Arthritis 

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