Swanson Health Products

Vitamins and nutritional supplements

Swanson Health Products sells vitamins and supplements, organic foods, natural skincare products,
homeopathic remedies and more. Swanson offers members a 10% discount on all products.
Swanson will match the price of a product if the customer finds a lower price at another merchant. 

Services include flat-rate shipping, Swanson's 100% money-back guarantee, outstanding
customer service available 24/7 that includes phone, email and live chat sessions, as well
as in-depth articles and other expert information.

    Key Features:

Deal of the Day: Different products are listed on the website each day at specially marked-down
prices.Health Library: Swanson's Health Library contains an abundance of useful information,
such as a radio talk show with a doctor, full-length articles written by acclaimed doctors and natural
health practitioners, videos that offer answers, healthy recipes and much more.

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